As an SFS student, you won't just read about an environmental problem...

  • You’ll be part of an international research team working to solve environmental problems, whether you are replanting critically fragmented rainforests in Australia or helping Costa Rican farmers transition to organic agriculture.
  • You’ll develop leadership skills, build self-confidence, and discover the vital role you can play in the larger global community.
  • You’ll develop personal relationships with members of the local community, putting a human face on the environmental problems you are studying, which is often the most rewarding part of the SFS experience.
  • You’ll be challenged and inspired by the work you do – making a real difference in a local community and making positive contributions toward the sustainable use of the world's natural resources.

When you finish an SFS program, you will not only walk away with the education of a lifetime, you will never view the world – or yourself – the same way again.

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